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Do you wish your teeth were whiter? You’re not alone. Dissatisfaction with stained teeth can reduce confidence and make you self-conscious about your smile.

Fortunately, whitening your teeth is simple. At Thornton Park Dental Arts, our Downtown Orlando teeth whitening dentist can help you restore the shade of your teeth to their natural color (or even whiter). Dr. Angulo and the rest of our team are ready to do what it takes for you to discover a smile you’re proud of.

Your teeth whitening questions answered

What type of teeth whitening treatments do you offer?

We offer both at-home teeth whitening treatment, as well as in-office zoom teeth whitening treatment. Both are great options for whitening teeth.

Does teeth whitening remove all stains?

Our teeth whitening treatment will remove all stains on the surface of your teeth. However, tooth whitening treatment does not effectively remove internal tooth stains.

Who can get teeth whitening?

Tooth whitening treatment is a great option for adult patients. Our Downtown Orlando teeth whitening dentist does not recommend teeth whitening for patients under 16, or for pregnant or lactating women.

Will insurance cover teeth whitening?

Some insurance plans might cover treatment depending on why you are prescribed teeth whitening treatment. Contact our office today to learn what your exact insurance plan will cover.

Our Downtown Orlando teeth whitening process

  • Dr. Angulo will meet with you to discuss what you are experiencing and to determine if at-home or in-office teeth whitening is a good option for you.
  • For in-office treatment, a small amount of non-invasive prep work is completed prior to treatment.
  • A whitening gel is applied to your teeth, which is then activated by a special light.
  • Treatment takes about 1 hour and you’ll see a difference immediately.
  • For at-home treatment, we’ll provide you with everything you need to achieve whiter teeth at home.

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