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A modern, comfortable way to remove tooth decay

Non-invasive tooth decay treatment

Nobody loves getting treated for a cavity. If you’re feeling nervous about your filling, we understand. Fortunately, with modern technology, we’re able to offer you a minimally-invasive and comfortable way to remove decay: Solea laser dentistry.

With our Solea laser, we can remove decay from your teeth without anesthetics, making the procedure easy for anyone. In addition, we use our Solea laser to assist with many other tooth decay removal treatments and additional soft-tissue treatments. 

At Thornton Park Dental Arts, we’re excited to show you how modern dentistry can keep you healthy, comfortably.

Your Solea laser questions answered

How can a Solea laser treatment help me?

For any patient experiencing a cavity or any other form of tooth decay, our Solea laser will provide a minimally-invasive and more comfortable treatment experience. Additionally, our Solea laser can also help with soft tissue treatments such as sleep apnea treatment.

Does a Solea laser hurt?

For most patients, Solea laser treatment will result in no discomfort during treatment. However, a lot of patients feel a cold sensation during treatment.

How does the Solea laser work?

The Solea laser is used instead of a drill to clear out decayed tooth matter in your teeth. Unlike traditional cavity treatments, no anesthetic is needed for a comfortable treatment.

Will insurance cover Solea laser dentistry treatment?

Depending on the exact treatment, insurance will likely cover some of your Solea laser treatment. Contact our office today to learn what your exact insurance plan will cover.

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Marie C.

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Jeffrey H.

Our Solea laser process

  • We’ll use 3D imaging to get an accurate picture of your smile and mouth and determine if you are experiencing any tooth decay.
  • Once we determine that you need a filling or other treatment, we’ll prepare you for treatment.
  • We’ll remove decayed tooth material with our Solea laser. No anesthetic is needed!
  • We’ll have you come in for appointments every 4-6 weeks to track your progress and adjust your aligners as needed.
  • Once the decayed matter is removed, we’ll fill in your cavity and ensure a natural look and fit.

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