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CEREC® Same-Day Dental Crowns

When a dental emergency occurs, waiting weeks for a solution can feel like an eternity. Even worse, going back-and-forth to the dentist for a complicated procedure can be incredibly exhausting for patients who have a busy schedule. For those looking to avoid the long wait for dental repairs, our Orlando dentist office has the solution. At Thornton Park Dental Arts, patients can enjoy same-day CEREC® crowns, meaning there’s no longer a long wait to restore a smile back to its happy and healthy state.

Benefits Of Same-Day Crowns

Utilizing strong ceramic, CEREC® same-day crowns provide the look and function of a normal tooth, all while still protecting the tooth from infections and further breakage. Through the use of computer-aided design and manufacturing, dentists can determine precisely the type and shape of crown needed to repair a patient’s damaged tooth and prepare the exact design all in just a few minutes. There’s no need for gooey impressions, uncomfortable temporary crowns, or patiently waiting for a lab to finish customizing a crown like with other dental implants. Instead, patients can appreciate a simple tooth restoration process.

CEREC® vs. Traditional Crowns

If you’re looking for aesthetics, comfort, and immediate protection, then same-day CEREC® dental crowns may be right for you. Providing many of the same benefits of other more traditional dental implants, CEREC® crowns are perfect for those looking for a strong and fast solution to their dental issues. With just one visit to the dentist, patients can leave with a natural-looking and functional tooth — meaning they can get back to their normal day-to-day activities only a few short hours after they step into our office. In certain cases, such as when a fracture occurs below the gum line or when a tooth with higher resistance to general corrosion is needed, then traditional metal crowns may be preferred by both the patient and the oral care provider. If this is the case, one of our Orlando implant dentists will help determine if a same-day CEREC® crown is the right oral cosmetic restoration for your needs.

Cost Of A CEREC® Same-Day Crown

Overall, same-day CEREC® crowns are roughly equivalent in price to other traditional forms of metal crowns. Each procedure will vary from patient to patient depending on their needs, so it’s best to contact us for an appointment so our dentists at Thornton Park Dental Arts can best determine how much work will need to be done. With the use of ceramic that mimics the look and texture of a real tooth, patients are provided with a near replica of their surrounding teeth. Since all this work can be done swiftly in the office, and no lab visits are needed, patients can enjoy time and money saved as we work to bring one or more of your teeth back to their former glory.

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