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Every smile tells a unique story, and at Thornton Park Dental Arts, we take pride in helping our patients achieve the smiles they’ve always dreamed of. Explore our smile gallery to see real transformations and discover the possibilities for your radiant smile.

Successful Smile Stories

Porcelain Veneers and Crowns

Dull older resin bonding was removed and replaced with beautiful porcelain veneers and crowns. The lower gaps were filled in with simple bonding. Everyone was thrilled!

Bridge Repair

Here is a great lady who happens to have a large bridge with some broken teeth in the front. We were able to repair just what was broken. This looked great and saved her thousands of dollars.

CEREC Crowns

From an odd angle you see a broken crown and what seems like a hopeless tooth. A few hours later (and from a different angle) you see the result of our same-day crowns. Beautiful!

Basic Pediatric Dental Work

Don’t let your kid’s teeth, especially permanent teeth, look like this. In a short amount of time he or she could have a durable final restoration like this one. Nice!

Basic Bonding

This is another dentist’s patient who wanted an opinion (second opinion) on cosmetic work. She was told veneers were the option. In about 30 minutes the divots were treated with some simple bonding. Again, saving someone thousands of dollars and leaving the office very satisfied. Maybe someday, in the future, she’ll choose veneers, but for now, less dentistry is better dentistry.

Basic Bridge

Often, excellent dentistry is never acknowledged because it’s hidden in people’s mouths. Such is the case with this gorgeous bridge.

Veneers and Porcelain Crowns to cover Tetracycline Staining

More Easy Bonding

This guy just wanted to look normal for Christmas. No problem! In less than an hour, he lost the “piece of corn” look and smiled freely throughout the holidays.

Simple White Fillings

This happens every day at Thornton Park Dental Arts, and it’s so easy.

Mercury-Free Filling & CEREC Crown

Gives this patient a bright white smile!

Dental Implants

For decades, this great guy wore a partial denture that he hated. One day, he decided he had had enough. These dental implants are amazing! Every time he comes into the office for a routine cleaning, he says they have changed his life. Just awesome!

Laser Dentistry

This patient was getting ready to be married but hated the odd look of her smile. Easy, quick, and painless laser reshaping of her gums and she was ready to shine in her wedding photos.

Gaps No More

This patient’s main issue was the gaps between her teeth. Ideally, this requires nice porcelain crowns. Instead, an hour in the chair and simple composite bonding produced this result. She was happy.

“Oh No! I Chipped My Teeth”

Some chips are no big deal. THESE were a big deal, but it wasn’t a problem to repair this smile with lifelike bonding. What a difference.

Porcelain Crowns

With just 2 porcelain crowns, so subtle, we were able to make an enormous impact on this smile. This translates into an enormous boost in confidence. Priceless!

Teeth Whitening

This wonderful lady had tried whitening time and time again. She wasn’t satisfied. Here are 2 perspectives of the same makeover. I thought I’d never see these beautiful teeth when she moved to North Carolina. Thankfully for us, she moved back, and now we enjoy seeing her a few times a year. Just a beautiful result!

Temporary Bridge

This wonderful patient wasn’t happy with her smile. An extreme makeover was needed and that is just what she received. Just think, these are only temporary — imagine what the final results will look like.

Dental Bonding

No Longer Embarrassed to Smile

Our patient had old dated dental work from when she was much much younger. She would avoid smiling because of the unnatural metal lines and fake looking teeth. We provided a couple of “cantlilever” bridges and it changed everything for her.

 $125 New Patient Special

It all starts here. New patients receive all x-rays, a comprehensive exam, 1-on-1 time with your new dentist, and a personalized treatment plan for only $125.

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Marie C.

“Best Dentist I’ve ever had! At my first appointment they came up with a plan and a couple different treatment options. Excellent staff — I would highly recommend this practice!”

Jeffrey H.

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