Solea Laser


We introduced the Solea Laser to Thornton Park Dental Arts late in 2018. Nothing that we have done before demonstrates our commitment to ensuring the best patient experience more than adding the Solea Laser.

In many cases, we work on multiple teeth without using anesthesia. Yes, that means no needles and not having to be numb for hours after leaving the office. Many of our patients have been thrilled because they had expected the routine uncomfortable needle stick, the feeling of a fat lip, and the noise of the drill.

The Solea also allows us to effectively “sculpt” gums with little to no sensation.

It is a “one of a kind” laser that is just now beginning to catch on in dentistry.

We are so proud to be Central Florida’s first Solea office. As of Spring 2019 there are less than 1,000 dental offices in the world with the Solea Laser and only around 10 in the state of Florida.

We are excited to offer this unique service to our patients.

Enjoy this short video of what Solea can do for you.

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