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How Baking Soda Can Improve Your Oral Health

Sodium bicarbonate, commonly known as baking soda, is a common ingredient used in cleaning and cooking. The usefulness of baking soda, however, doesn’t end there. Baking soda likewise has applications in oral hygiene. If you’re looking for new, natural ways to improve and protect your smile, consider using a baking soda mouth rinse, as instructed by your dentist. Here, dentists in Orlando, FL with Thornton Park Dental Arts discuss the top benefits of incorporating baking soda into your regular oral hygiene routine.

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Reduces Plaque & Acidity

Plaque and high acidity can wreak havoc on your oral health. When your mouth’s acidity is too high, it can cause eroded enamel and tooth decay. Since baking soda for teeth is alkaline, it can help regulate your mouth’s pH balance by effectively neutralizing the acidity. In addition to getting regular teeth cleanings, baking soda can help you prevent tooth decay while remineralizing your tooth enamel. Baking soda can also help limit plaque buildup by neutralizing plaque acids and bad-breath-causing acids, keeping your breath fresh!

Naturally Whitens Teeth

Using baking soda to whiten teeth can be a useful way to help maintain naturally whiter teeth without harming your tooth enamel. Baking soda has a low degree of abrasiveness and can help get surface stains off your teeth. In addition to professional, in-office teeth whitening, many people find using an oral care product with baking soda helps keep their teeth whiter than when they used more abrasive solutions without baking soda. Based on your dentist’s recommendations, you might enjoy these benefits by using a store-bought baking soda toothpaste or by making a paste of baking soda and water, applying it directly to your teeth, and letting it sit for a couple of minutes before wiping it off to help remove surface stains and maintain a healthy, bright smile.

Reduces Bacteria

A number of different oral health problems, such as gum disease, often result from the buildup of bacteria on teeth and gums. Baking soda has natural antibacterial properties, making it an excellent option for reducing bacteria in your mouth and your risk of developing periodontal disease (gum disease), tooth decay, and other oral health issues. Brushing with baking soda, whether with a baking soda toothpaste or a homemade baking soda paste, can also help remove tiny remains of food that encourage bacteria growth. While baking soda can effectively help rid your mouth of harmful bacteria, it doesn't affect the beneficial bacteria naturally present in your mouth.

Soothes Oral Sores

Mouth sores and mouth ulcers can be extremely painful and irritating, prohibiting you from eating certain foods and consuming certain beverages. If you suffer from these oral sores, you might consider using a baking soda mouthwash for mouth sores. Among its numerous benefits, baking soda can help speed up the healing process of mouth sores. When you develop a mouth sore, certain foods, drinks, and other irritants can further aggravate the lesion, causing it to take longer to heal. Baking soda is a natural anti-inflammatory, so you can use it to help minimize your discomfort from sores and to help accelerate healing. If you’re looking for a baking soda mouth rinse recipe for oral sores, consider mixing half a teaspoon of baking soda with a glass of water and using it as a mouth rinse. Contact our dentist’s office for more information!