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Dental Implants

If you’ve lost a tooth, you understand the impact this can have every day — eating, smiling and talking can all leave you feeling anxious and embarrassed due to the gap. But there’s a revolutionary solution to tooth loss found in dental implants, which can restore functionality while improving the appearance of the area as well as mouthfeel.

What Are Dental Implants?

Implants can be thought of as screw-shaped titanium structures that are surgically drilled into the jawbone. These screws act as a replacement for missing teeth, functioning as an anchor for an artificial prosthesis, such as dental crowns and bridges. This provides a permanent fix for gaps where teeth were lost and can also be utilized if badly damaged or decayed teeth need to be fully replaced. Due to being joined with a patient’s bone, this dental addition looks and acts as if it were a real tooth.

Dr. Angulo has always had a fascination with dental implants. The concept of completely replacing a missing body part successfully, predictably, and consistently is unique in medicine. While medical professionals have struggled with replacing knees, hips, kidneys, and other parts of the human body, replacing teeth is a fully-functional process that can replicate the natural look and function of a tooth. At our dentist office in Orlando, FL, patients can expect a high level of care and precision with each and every implant procedure.

Benefits Of A Dental Implant

When gaps are formed in the teeth, the space is often aesthetically displeasing, but it can also be incredibly damaging to the gums, jaw, and surrounding teeth. Not only can bacteria begin to grow in this new space, but the structure of the jaw may shift to compensate for the lack of one or more teeth, causing the facial structure to become disfigured. By incorporating an implant into the empty space, patients can enjoy restored functionality and improved aesthetics as their cosmetic implant looks and performs just like a normal tooth. If multiple teeth are damaged and are in need of replacement, a smile can be completely revitalized with our dental implant services.

Socket Preservation Before A Dental Implant

Before a Biohorizons® dental implant can be inserted into the mouth, the socket from a tooth extraction must be preserved to prevent jaw deformities. This procedure improves your smile and ensures a successful implant. After a tooth is extracted, it leaves an opening vulnerable to dry socket, teeth moving out of place or other general complications. Dry socket occurs when a blood clot from the extraction loosens and leaves the nerve exposed.

Socket preservation involves placing a bone graft in the exposed socket. This is usually made of synthetic material, bones from other animals, or human bone. After, a dentist covers the graft with a collagen membrane and sutures the opening. Preserving the socket is necessary because the bone supporting the extracted tooth dissolves naturally when not in use, which can lead to gaps in the teeth and present complications for an implant.

Dental Implant Procedure

For most patients, the process of surgically placing an implant in the jaw takes multiple visits with our Orlando dentists. During the first visit, patients are thoroughly examined and 3D X-rays known as Cone Beam Scans (CBCTs) are performed to determine the best possible way to incorporate the new implant. Once a patient has been thoroughly evaluated, a surgery date will be set. During the following visit, patients will be given anesthetic, and Dr. Angulo will begin working on the patient’s jaw. By placing the metallic implant inside of the jawbone, it will slowly begin bonding with the underlying bone, taking root beneath the gums. During the healing process, a small cap or other temporary fixture may be placed in the gap to prevent damage befalling the area, and a permanent prosthesis is crafted based on each patient’s needs. Once the implant area is fully healed, the temporary cap is removed and the prosthesis is attached, completing the procedure. In total, patients should expect the entire implant process to take a few weeks or months depending on how the jaw heals.

Caring For A Dental Implant

One of the great advantages of getting an implant is that no extra care is needed once the jaw has become completely healed and the implant sets. General pain or discomfort should be expected after both the first and second procedure as the implant settles into the jaw. After the area has healed, patients can continue eating, drinking, and performing daily activities as they always have. With regular brushing, flossing, and visits to our Orlando dentist office, the lifespan of the implant can last up to 25 years.

Dental Implants In Downtown Orlando

Living with missing teeth is a thing of the past. With dental implants at Thornton Park Dental Arts, patients can experience a reinvented smile and enjoy the benefits of a durable and aesthetically-pleasing prosthesis. To see if an implant is right for your dental needs, or to learn more about how our cosmetic dentistry can help improve the look of a damaged gap in the jaw, contact our Orlando dentistry today. We look forward to helping you achieve your dream smile!

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