Dental Implants

Dr. Angulo has always had a fascination with dental implants. The concept of totally replacing a missing body part successfully, predictably, and consistently is unique in medicine.

Think about it. Medicine has struggled with knees, hips, kidneys, hearts, lungs, eyes and etc.

Meanwhile, dental implants fully function like a natural tooth.

Dr. Angulo has restored implants since the late 1990s. In 2005, after an extensive continuum, he began placing dental implants. Since this time he has dedicated the majority of his continuing education to the area of dental implants and was a regular contributor in the Central Florida Implant Study Club.

As the discipline of dental implants advances so does Thornton Park Dental Arts.

Unlike some practices we do not charge for 3D x-rays known as Cone Beam Scans or CBCTs. These are used to learn what possibilities exist with each case. They also allow us to deliver intelligent and precise placement of each and every implant. We believe our patients deserve this level of care.

Here are some examples of recent cases in the planning phases.

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