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Are Floss Picks As Good As Regular Floss?

Everyone knows flossing is an important part of good dental hygiene. Unfortunately, flossing is also tedious and a bit involved. Enter floss picks, which offer more control and faster use! But are floss picks as good for your teeth as traditional dental floss? Thankfully, our Orlando dentists have put together this guide on both types of floss to help you understand when and how to use them.

Of course, good dental hygiene isn’t just about flossing and brushing! We suggest regular teeth cleaning every six months for the best oral hygiene. Schedule a consultation with our dentists in Orlando at Thornton Park Dental Arts today!


With regular dental floss, you get several inches of usable floss between each tooth. But with floss picks, there’s barely more than an inch. Less floss means you are using the same section repeatedly for each tooth, which can quickly lead to fraying. This means you’ll need to use more than one pick, but these bits of detached floss can also become stuck between your teeth and gums, creating more issues than they’re solving.

Plaque & Food Particle Removal

In addition to affecting the durability of the floss, floss picks have very little string for removing plaque and food particles. This means anything you’ve removed between two teeth is moved along to the next pair, and so on. Because it’s less effective, food and bacteria are just being redistributed instead of removed.

Flossing Technique

How much floss you have and the ability to maneuver it dictates how well you can floss properly. When flossing, you should be able to make a C-shape around the side, front, and back of each tooth for a full cleaning. Additionally, many people find floss pick’s string to be a little thicker than regular floss and can be harder to floss between tighter teeth. Trying to force the pick in place often cuts the gums, which is what you want to avoid when flossing.

When & How To Use Floss Picks

While floss picks aren’t better than regular dental floss, they’re better than nothing. Floss picks are best for single-uses when you don’t have access to regular floss. For example, if you get a piece of food stuck between two teeth while eating out at a restaurant. Using it once ensures plaque and food particles are removed. The easy-to-use handle can also keep things hygienic. However, once you return to a place where you can use regular floss, you should follow up by flossing all of your teeth.

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