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Before And Afters

These are Dr. Angulo's actual patients.


Veneers: Here are six veneers. He had traumatized his upper right incisors when he was younger. Hated his smile. We corrected the inclination, symmetry, and the lengths. Now he can smile with confidence.

Implant and a Maryland Bridge: This case showcases an implant and a Maryland Bridge. He was missing these teeth from birth and is now enjoying a beautiful, comfortable, and solid smile.

Bridge repair: Here is a great lady who happens to have a large bridge with some broken teeth in the front. We were able to repair just what was broken. This looked great and saved her thousands of dollars.

CEREC Crowns: From an odd angle you see a broken crown and what seems like a hopeless tooth. A few hours later (and from a different angle) you see the result of our same day crowns. Beautiful!!!

Temporary bridge: This wonderful patient wasn't happy with her smile. An extreme makeover was needed and that is just what she received. Just think, these are just temporary. Imagine what the final results will be.

Basic Pediatric Dental Work: Don't let your kid's teeth, especially permanent teeth, look like this. In a short amount of time he or she could have a durable final restoration like this one. Nice!

Basic Bonding: This is another dentist's patient who wanted an opinion (second opinion) on cosmetic work. She was told veneers were the option. In about thirty minutes the divots were treated with some simple bonding. Again saving someone thousands of dollars and leaving the office very satisfied. Maybe someday in the future she'll choose veneers but for now less dentistry is better dentistry.

Basic Bridge: Often times excellent dentistry is never acknowledged because it's hidden in people's mouths. Such is the case with this gorgeous bridge.

More easy bonding: This guy just wanted to look normal for Christmas. No problem. In less than an hour he lost the "piece of corn" look and smiled freely throughout the holidays.

Simple white fillings: This happens every day at Angulo Dental and it is so easy.

Mercury Free Filling and CEREC crown gives this patient a bright white smile!

Dental Implants: For decades this great guy wore a partial denture that he hated. One day he decided he had had enough. These dental implants are amazing! Every time he comes into the office for a routine cleaning he says they have changed his life. Just awesome!!!

Laser dentistry: She was getting ready to be married but hated the odd look of her smile. Easy, quick, and painless laser reshaping of her gums and she was ready to shine in her wedding photos.

Gaps No More: Her main issue was these gaps between her teeth. Ideally this requires nice porcelain crowns. Instead an hour in the chair and simple composite bonding produced this result. She was happy.

Oh no!!! I chipped my teeth: Some chips are no big deal. THESE were a big deal but it wasn't a problem to repair this smile with lifelike bonding. What a difference.

Porcelain crowns: Unhappy for years with odd looking big fillings that made her smile look worn; these crowns were placed years ago and she hasn't stopped smiling since.

The photos show a sampling of results and are for illustrative purposes only.
Individual results may vary.