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5 Signs That You’re Due For A Teeth Cleaning

Regular visits to your dentist are imperative for achieving and maintaining great oral health. However, when life gets too busy, patients may consider delaying their scheduled dental cleaning. Others may think a professional cleaning isn’t required unless they have poor oral hygiene, but some bacteria remain in your mouth despite regular brushing routines. Putting off your upcoming cleaning could make you prone to different oral health problems, such as tooth and gum sensitivity, visible tartar on teeth, gum swelling, gum bleeding, and bad breath. Here, our Orlando dentists with Thornton Park Dental Arts discuss the top signs that you’re due for a teeth cleaning.

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Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity can be a painful indicator that you need to visit your dentist in Orlando for a prompt dental checkup and cleaning. With healthy, strong teeth, you can typically enjoy cold, hot, and lukewarm foods and beverages without experiencing oral pain. But if you experience pain when you consume hot or cold foods and beverage, there is likely a problem with your oral health. Teeth sensitivity can mean your tooth enamel has weakened, or it could indicate the need for dental fillings due to cavities.

Tartar On Teeth

Tartar, also commonly known as calculus, is hardened, calcified deposits that form and coat the teeth and gums. It develops when natural bacteria in the mouth mix with remaining food particles and other bacteria, forming plaque, a sticky, white or yellow-colored film. When plaque isn’t properly and regularly removed from the gums and teeth, it hardens and discolors, forming tartar. Excess plaque buildup between your teeth and gums can lead to a wide range of oral issues and, while you may be able to remove some of it at home, scheduling a teeth cleaning is the best way to rid your mouth of tartar, plaque, and calculus buildup.

Swollen Gums

If your gums start looking red and swollen and feel sensitive to the touch, it’s most definitely time to visit our Orlando dentistry clinic. Swelling is a natural reaction that occurs when the body senses something foreign within it. Since our teeth and gums are parts of our body, our gums become inflamed as a reaction to bacteria and infections to let us know there is something wrong. Built-up bacteria in the form of tartar can cause this reaction as well as gum disease and other gum-and-teeth-related issues.

Bleeding Gums

Another common gum problem is bleeding gums. If your gums bleed when you brush, floss, accidentally hit the gum area with your toothbrush’s head, or chewed on a rough piece of meat, you need to visit your dentist. The gums can become increasingly sensitive when long overdue for a dental cleaning. Bleeding gums can also indicate gingivitis, a much more serious issue that requires immediate attention. Your best bet is to contact our office to make an appointment with our dentists, especially if you are overdue for a bi-annual dental cleaning.

Bad Breath

Experiencing bad breath on occasion is an unfortunate but normal part of life. Temporary bad breath can be caused by all sorts of things, like consuming garlic, forgetting to brush your teeth before bedtime, smoking, and even drinking coffee. If you have bad breath despite maintaining a top-notch oral hygiene routine and you’ve avoided bad-breath-causing habits and substances, then you are due for a teeth cleaning. Bacteria both on and around your teeth mix with your saliva to break down food residue. When this happens, an unpleasant gas is produced in the mouth, resulting in bad breath. A bad taste in your mouth can also indicate a chronic dental infection or other type of problem that requires your dentist’s attention.