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3D & Digital X-Rays

Digital X-rays are a common procedure used by dental care providers to ensure the oral health of a patient. At Thornton Park Dental Arts, our dentists utilize these X-ray images to identify oral health issues patients may have and provide proper care before those issues can worsen. Needing only a quick snapshot, X-rays are performed swiftly and are only required when deemed necessary for the health of our patients.

If you need dental X-rays, contact our Orlando dentist office to schedule an appointment. We strive to provide comfortable dental care to all of our patients.

The Importance Of X-Rays

X-rays help provide a full look into a patient’s mouth, jaw, teeth, and surrounding soft tissue by producing a digital image that highlights issues that may be more difficult to spot with the human eye. Due to the way X-rays pass through soft tissue versus dense areas, such as teeth or bones, oral care providers will be able to determine if any anomalies are present on a patient’s teeth or gums. The most common use of X-rays is to spot cavities that may be forming, but they can also be used to monitor developing teeth, spot the presence of gum disease, or as a preventive measure before further oral issues arise.

Dentsply Sirona 3D Imaging

A full, comprehensive 3D dental scan can provide insights into a patient’s dental health well beyond a traditional 2D scan. Utilizing Dentsply Sirona 3D technology, our Orlando dentists are able to accurately and efficiently produce a 3D-generated image of a patient’s entire oral area, including an easy-to-understand and high-definition look at how the teeth and their roots connect through the gums and into the underlying jaw bone. With scans completed in just under a minute, patients can experience shortened wait times, reduced exposure to radiation, and higher-quality care as our dental staff carefully outlines and describes each area that requires treatment.
Watch Video About Dentsply Sirona 3D Imaging

Types Of Dental X-Rays

The type of X-ray each patient receives will depend on the exact care they require. While looking at an individual’s teeth, bones, and surrounding tissues, our Orlando dental care providers will determine if an X-ray is needed, and if so, what kind.

Common types of dental X-rays include:


Periapical X-rays provide a full look at a patient’s tooth. By being able to view from the crown to where the tooth attaches to the jaw bone, your dentist will be able to determine if there are abnormalities in the root or other supporting structures.


The most common of dental X-rays, bitewing X-rays are performed on nearly all patients. Patients bite down on a special piece of oral equipment that helps show how the upper and lower teeth touch each other. This allows our dentists to determine if there’s decay occurring between teeth (cavities) or if diseases are forming on the gums.


Giving a full view of teeth, jaw, nasal area, sinuses, and surrounding bone structures, panoramic X-rays offer an entire view of the oral area. These X-rays are used when issues such as impacted teeth or complications regarding emerging teeth are noticed.


Occlusal X-rays are used to capture teeth in either the upper or lower jaw and can highlight developmental issues that may be present. These X-rays are most commonly used to spot problems with primary (baby) and permanent (adult) teeth as they continue to develop.

3D Imaging Technology

When other forms of X-rays are unable to fully capture present issues, a special form of X-ray equipment is able to be used to produce a 3D image of a patient’s teeth, nerves, jaw, surrounding tissues, and other bones in a single scan. Used for more complex issues, such as surgical planning, dental replacements, and reconstructive surgeries, our health care specialists will determine if this type of scan is necessary for your oral complications.

Dental X-Ray Safety

Like with any medical procedure, there is always a bit of fear regarding the safety of the process. Dental X-rays have continued to see improvements in safety, and the benefits far outweigh the minimal risks associated with the minuscule amount of radiation that occurs during an X-ray. At our dentist office in Orlando, FL, we utilize very minimal doses of radiation concentrated in a small diameter to ensure the smallest possible radiation exposure for our guests. With fast-acting film and lead shields also incorporated into the dental process, guests can remain safe and comfortable.

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